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Units with Garages

New Construction in 2018 

In the last few years
the area around our clubhouse, pool and office was transformed with not only an expansion of the clubhouse but new apartments, townhomes and additional garages.  In 2018 more townhomes and apartments were added.  As part of Burton Ridge's continual improvement, these residences are significantly larger and contain more amenities than the more traditional units. 

The units are in high demand with rents range from about $1,200 to just over $2,000 per month.
    See individual floor plans below. Please contact our office for pricing & availability.

2018 New Construction Floor Plans

The apartments are available in 1, 2 & 3 bedroom configurations.  Each has additional storage along with a detached garage; 2 & 3 bedroom apartments also get a carport.  Units range in size from about 1200 to just over 1600 square feet.

The new townhomes are in both 2 and 3 bedroom floorplans, each about 1660 square feet.  Along with a spacious floor plan that includes upstairs laundry, they come with one attached garage and a separate carport.

2013 Apartments

Each apartment is single floor unit:  two on the 1st floor and four on the 2nd floor. 
All apartments include:
  • master suites,
  • spacious closets,
  • fireplaces,
  • laundry,
  • a porch or patio, 
  • private entrances,
  • and an attached garage (one or two car). 
The apartments range in size from about 1240 to about 2150 sq ft. 


There are 2) 2-bedroom units and 2) 3-bedroom units. 
The townhomes are two floors with a 1-car private garage, private entrance, upstairs laundry, and patio. 
Some have fireplaces.
The townhomes are about 1600 sq ft each plus the garage.

Early Interior Pictures (slideshow):

2013 New Floorplans: